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Welcome to Our Blog – alternative stay rentals

Welcome to the Global Guest Suites blog where we will discuss a various range of travel related topics and promotions that we’ll offer vacation and corporate travelers on a monthly basis.

We all know the World is changing everyday and travelers are in search of better and alternative places to stay. This is where Global Guest Suites comes in. We offer thousands of alternative stay rental suites in London, Paris and Los Angeles currently and are looking to add new and exciting locations monthly as we grow.

The days of Hotel stay only are behind us with the addition of the personal rental stay market. Personal rental stays or alternative stay rentals as they’re often called, are apartments, flats, condos and homes of people willing to rent their personal residences for vacation and corporate travelers. If you are a home owner and interested in renting to our guests please contact us and we will step you through a screening process to be sure your home meets the standards of Global Guest Suites.

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