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Packing Made Perfect: The 3 Things You’re Always Forgetting When You Pack

When packing for a trip, the essentials all come to mind, toothbrush, t-shirts, pants, socks, walking shoes and shampoo, for example. All of these items have a specific purpose that they fulfill. Think outside the box next time you are packing. Here are a few multifunctional items to keep with you when you’re packing.

  • Bandanna – A bandanna does not seem like something you need, unless you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or you sport a rockabilly hairstyle. However, having a bandana around can be useful in other ways, such as, storage for keepsake items purchased on your travels, an eye covering if you’re looking for some quick shut-eye on a train or other form of transit, or it can even be used as a make-shift pillow if you bundle a sweater together and tie the four corners tightly.
  • Safety Pins – Safety pins come in handy for an immeasurable amount of uses. This includes, creating a new zipper pull on misfortunate bags that have lost their pull, providing security when pinning the dual-apposing zippers together on luggage, or even fixing a quick hem of your pants in a pinch.
  • Large Zip-closure Baggies – Zip baggies can be a lifesaver in a multitude of situations. These include, holding shoes or other dirty items away from the rest of your suitcase, detaining wet clothing from soaking your other dry items, quick organization of items such as financial information, keepsakes and cosmetics.

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