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How to Travel – Safely

When deciding to travel, consider the atmosphere, the luxury and the new experiences. However, don’t forget they you are traveling in a foreign country. This means that you will likely be unfamiliar with the customs and possibly the language. Safety becomes an issue when you are initially traveling to a new area. Here are a few tips to traveling and staying safe.

  • Blend In – When entering into a new city, try to look at what locals are wearing, doing and acting. This will help because you will not look like an outsider. Looking like one of the crowd makes you less of a target for theft due to the similarity of others around you.
  • Know Your Belongings – Keeping tabs on where your belongs are and what you are carrying with you. This includes making copies of your credit card information, as well as your passport so that you will be able to take action if you are pickpocketed. Having this information easily accessible, give you the upper hand while traveling.
  • Know the Basics – The basics of travel include, knowing the address of the place you are staying, as well as also knowing a few key monuments or well-known structures to help guide you to keep you from pulling out a map, every few feet.

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