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Traveling Tips: Light Packing for Short Term Trips

So, your trip is booked, you’re planning your excursions and you’ve begun writing your packing list. Suddenly, you list is quickly getting longer and longer. The realization hits that there is no way to get all of this into ONE suitcase for your entire trip! What do you do? First, take a deep breath. Then, read about the best ways to pack light when going long distance!

  • Be Practical – The best thing to think about when starting to pack would be the practicality of each of the items that you plan to take on your trip. Do I really need this? Ask yourself this question every time to place a new item into your bag. Will you be uncomfortable without it? Does it provide a specific purpose? Did you already pack something similar or that can be used for the same/ similar purpose?
  • Be Baggage Conscious – Think about the best possible size for your baggage before you even start packing. Current guidelines for airline luggage are somewhere between 20”- 22”. The strictest restrictions are found in Europe on airlines such as EasyJet and RyanAir. These airlines are notorious for very steep fees when it comes to checking luggage at the gate or going over height or weight limits.

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