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Los Angeles Redefines Winter

While the rest of the country shares an average temperature of negative degrees Fahrenheit in the Winter months; most Angelinos are going about their everyday lives still enjoying the outdoors in shorts and flip flops.

With average temperatures somewhere in the upper 70’s, visitors to this part of sunny California will find a great many things to do and see while beating the summer crowds!

Los Angeles Guest Suites offers a wide variety of accommodations that keep you close to some of the world’s most famous attractions – any time of the year!

Winter or not, Southern California is a paradise that is certain to fulfill all of your wants, wishes and desires and Los Angeles makes for the perfect “base camp” to get the most out of your Southern California visit.

Considered the perfect vacation spot for singles, couples and families alike, make the most of sight-seeing time by securing a rented car or driver and off you go!

Traveling west of the city center you’ll find one of the visited streets in all of Los Angeles – Rodeo Drive! The place to see and be seen. And if you don’t spot a celebrity here – just wait a moment, because it’s sure to happen.

No one can resist the allure of some of the most expensive real estate in the world, as you’ll be in the heart of Beverly Hills!

Further west, you’ll encounter some of the most gorgeous beaches this area has to offer.

And winter time in Los Angeles means uncrowded beaches! During the winter months in LA, one gets the opportunity to experience the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and learn why Angelinos take their surfing seriously. Despite cooler water temperatures, the sport of “hanging ten” is a year-round event as you’ll see traveling further north on scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

In the city of Angeles, you will find some awe-inspiring museums, including the impressive Getty Museum and LACMA, as well as world-class venues such as the Hollywood Bowl or Mann’s Chinese Theatre – and that’s just the tip of the entertainment iceberg!

Unlike other destinations, winter in Los Angeles is even more of an excuse to get out and experience the great outdoors, with endless hiking trails and lush foliage that comes alive at this time of the year, it’s no wonder this is the epicenter of all things happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.

The advantage travelers have visiting Los Angeles in the winter season, is the fact that minus the crowds and high seasonal price tags, one can experience this thriving city much like a local and that makes for a more enriching experience.

Whether you decide on a luxury designer studio in the middle of Hollywood or a private home with a pool by the beach, you’ll create memories of a lifetime and no doubt be planning your return.