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Traveling Tips: Do I Need Travel Insurance?

1Travel insurance is the key to minimizing financial risk on your long-term or short-term vacation. You have the ability to opt into many different types of travel insurance. Here are just a few examples of types and what they can be helpful for!

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance – The most popular form of travel insurance is cancellation insurance. It can usually be the most beneficial as it is enormously expensive to cancel a trip without insurance. Organized tours, steady accommodations and other planned excursions can possibly not be cancelled without full loss of your payment.
  • Medical Evacuation Insurance – This insurance can be extremely beneficial in a travel area where medical help may not be the most advanced or possibly not easy accessible. Medical Evacuation Insurance can help with immediate care needed that cannot be found at the nearest medical facility. Your home insurance may not cover for these very expensive costs.
  • Baggage Insurance – Finally, the final most common form of insurance is baggage insurance. This would cover lost, delayed or damaged baggage. These baggage insurances usually cover above and beyond what your regular home owners insurance would cover. This is especially good if you will be frequenting trains and buses on your trip.

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