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Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

While vacationing, the obvious choice for lodging may be a hotel. But with the given benefits of space, cost and additional amenities, most experienced travelers know that vacation rentals are a great alternative! We’ve provided a few simple advantages of vacation rentals over the average hotel:

Space: A vacation home averages five times the amount of space than a hotel room.

Cost: Because you can fit more people into a vacation home, you’ll likely save money on the total cost you’ll pay for lodging per night. But even if you’re vacationing alone or with a small group, you can still find vacation homes to beat hotel prices. Plus, with a full kitchen, you can avoid the costs of dining out for every meal! You’ll also save money by already having access to other amenities like laundry machines and DVD players.

Privacy: With the home booked to your party only, you can expect the privacy you look forward to while on vacation.

Convenience: In a vacation rental, you won’t have to conform to schedules for meals, housekeeping and fitness facililties.

Accommodation of kids and pets: Many hotels aren’t geared towards families vacationing together. You can find vacation rental homes that satisfy the needs for everyone!

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